CrowdFunding: Inbound Marketing Meet Capital Raising
CrowdFunding Intbound Marketing Made Easy

Inbound Capital: Inbound Marketing Meet Capital Raising

Crowdfunding  borrows principles from Inbound Marketing that have proven to be a game changer for the entrepreneurs, start ups and customers. When CrowdFunding project owner / issuer ( you)  using Inbound Marketing, the thickness of your brain matters a lot more than the thickness of your wallet. 

For startups with finite money and time, inbound marketing has many  key benefits that are critical to an early stage company that realizes that the cheapest form of capital is a product order:

  1. Attract traffic at lower cost 
  2. Convert visitors to leads or follower 
  3. Convert followers  to backer / investor
  4. Turn  backer / investor  into your   CrowdFunding evangelist  attracting  higher margin investors 
  5. Analyze for continuous improvement

It Costs Less - Outbound marketing means spending money – either by buying ads, buying email lists or renting booths at trade shows. Inbound Marketing means creating content and talking about it. 

Better Targeting - Techniques like cold-calling and blast email campaigns are notoriously poorly targeted. You’re reaching out to individuals because of one or two attributes in a database. When you do Inbound Marketing, you only approach people who self-qualify themselves. With crowdfunding, that is honed even more as only those who want to work with the company sign up. Targeting benefits all parties — it saves customers, partners and startups.